Adding Accounts FAQ

A list of the most common questions around adding your Linkedin account to the dashboard.

When I try and add an account, it says I need to input a pin code?

Totally normal! This happens because our servers connect to your account from a new location/device. Very similar to when you first sign in to Linkedin from your phone or a new computer. You'll receive a pin code to your email, which you then just paste into our dashboard when it asks you.

Note - you only have 1 minute to do this, after which the code becomes invalid and Linkedin will send you a new one.

How do I find my LinkedIn Cookie?

  1. Open your browser and login to

  2. Right click anywhere on the website -> select 'Inspect' -> Application

  3. Scroll down, to find the cookie named li_at and copy the value of that cookie. Please make sure you copy the whole value of the li_at cookie.