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Linkedin Usage Limitations

There's a lot of varying information around how many actions you can do with a Linkedin account on a daily basis. This is true no matter how you use Linkedin - manual or automated. Saying that, it is of course much easier to do 100x more when you automate it, so even more important to be aware that sticking within limits is there to keep you account safe.

Daily Usage Limits

We've put together a very simple but effective summary of what best practice looks like. This is based on years of self experimentation, speaking to some of the largest automation players in the industry and feedback from users.
Linkedin Account Type
Actions per Day
Search Extractions per Day
1,000 profiles
Sales Navigator
2,500 profiles
An action is anything that involves viewing/extracting a single profile page, sending a message, sending an invite.
A search extraction is anything that involves extracting results from a Linkedin search URL (free or Sales Nav).

Account Limits

  • Up to 3,000 invites outstanding - every time you send out an invite a user can choose to accept or ignore it. If they ignore it, the invite will stay outstanding. Linkedin limits the number of outstanding invites you can have and once you hit limit, you simply cannot send any new invites out. You can see all your outstanding invites by click this link.
Use the 'Linkedin Withdraw Invites' module to automatically remove outstanding invites. Simply check how many invites you would like to keep outstanding and our module will remove all the other ones automatically.
  • Up to 30,000 connections - a single Linkedin account can have a maxmium of 30,000 connections. If you do hit this limit, you can send a request to Linkedin to get it increased.