Growth Hacking
Facebook Group Extractor
Extract group members from Facebook Groups!
Want to extract members from a Facebook Group? Go no further, our group extractor is finally live! Here a simple guide how to use it:
Integromat module with example inputs
Make sure you are using a proxy with this automation from the same location as where you typically login from. So if you are based in NYC, then use a proxy from there, if from London, then a London based one. is great to get proxies and we recommend getting 'static residential' ones.

How do I find Facebook's c_user and xs cookies?

Simply open Chrome, login to Facebook and then:
  • Open your browser menu, click 'more tools' and 'developer tools'
  • Select the 'Applications' tab and you'll find both the c_user and xs cookies.
  • Copy and paste these both into your automation
You can see both c_user and xs cookies here.

How do proxies work?

Proxies help make sure that when our automations run on your behalf that they login from the same location as you usually would. This helps keep your accounts safe and we therefore make it a requirement that you use a proxy for this automation to work, as Facebook might otherwise block your account.
Setting up a proxy is simple. You might already have one setup, or simply Google for proxy services. We recommend Create an account there (or elsewhere) and setup a proxy server in the same location (or as close as possible). Once done, you will get a URL, port, username and password. Simply paste these in this format into the proxy field in the automation:
https://username:[email protected]:port