Growth Hacking
LinkedIn Basic Search Export
Basic Search export will extract all LinkedIn profiles in a LinkedIn Search.
For Sales Navigator Search Export please visit /sales-nav-search-export
Create a LinkedIn Search with your desired criteria. Copy the LinkedIn Search URL
In your Growth Hacking Module enter the LinkedIn Search URL, and the number of profiles that you wish to extract.
Run the module, and it will return the results under 'ResultObject'
All available data will be delivered in the response including
  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Image
  • Company
  • Mutual Connections URL
  • Job Title
When working with large amounts of Data (usually 300+ results) we will return a URL where you can fetch the data.

Large Data Amounts flow

When we return a URL with your data, it means you've got lots of data to process so this is more stable. Make an HTTP GET request to the jsonURL and Parse the Response
After that add an iterator, and add the output 'Data' there. This will then split all your records and allow you to process them as you normally would.
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