Growth Hacking
LinkedIn Invite and Connect
Invite and Connect module will view a prospects LinkedIn profiles and send a connection request with a custom message.
Invite & Connect send connection requests to 'standard LinkedIn Profiles'. For Sales Navigator URLs please use the Sales Nav Converter module.
Enter the LinkedIn profile for the prospect you wish to connect with. We recommend adding a personalized welcome message to increase response rates.
Don't attempt to sell to your user in your LinkedIn Connection Request. The goal here is for the prospect to accept, and selling in your introduction message will result in a lower acceptance rate that can be flagged as spam by LinkedIn.
Run the integromat flow, and open ResultObject to see the response
The response also includes scraped data including Companies, Prospect Name, Image, Mutual Connects and Connection Degree (distance).
In the result object you can also see the output of the connection request.
NO_CONNECTION_CONFIRMATION_ERROR means LinkedIn hasn't directly said the connection request was sent. However, in 99.9% of cases the connection has successfully gone through.
We still treat this as connection successfully sent.
The scraped data such as Name, Companies can all be synced back to your CRM, Database or Airtable for future use and personalization.

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