LinkedIn Message Sender
The LinkedIn Message sender can send personalized messages and follow up messages to your 1st level LinkedIn Connections.

Your Growth Hacking API Token

Your LinkedIn Cookie

Enter the LinkedIn Profile URL

Here you can enter the LinkedIn profile URL that you wish to send a message to. Please ensure they are a 1st level connection (otherwise we're unable to send, and the API will return an error)

Enter a personalized Message

Enter the message that you would like to send the user. You can add custom parameters like #firstName# and #company# that will automatically insert the prospects First Name and Company.

Sending the Message

Now your module should look similar to this.
Next, you can run your scenario
Once your scenario has completed, you can check the response. Open 'Result Object' this contains the response from our API.
You can see the message was successfully sent to Anna on 14th June 2020 and 10:27. We can then sync this data back to Airtable, our Database or CRM so we know that X action has been performed.