Growth Hacking

Search Connect & Followup

Automatically send an invite to everyone from a Linkedin search URL, and then sends them follow up messages until they respond.

How to get started

  1. 1.
    Login to the dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Click on 'Automations' on the left side menu.
  3. 3.
    Click on 'Add Automation' in the top right side.
  4. 4.
    Select 'Search Connect Followup'
Search Connect follow-up Automation

Automation Settings

Add a text describing your automation here. For example "SaaS Founders New York City".
Select which of your connected Linkedin accounts you want the automation to run on. Note: You must have added your Linkedin account(s) to the dashboard first.
Please leave all these untouched. This feature is under construction and we will update you once you can edit these.
Message text for the invite message, which is sent to all profile from the searchURL provided.
The Linkedin search URL you have copied, that includes all profiles you want to send invites and follow up messages to. You can add a regular or a Sales Navigator search URL here. See below for a guide on how to get a search URL.
Message text for the first follow up message, which is sent 24 hours after your invite request has been accepted.
Note: message is only sent if there has been no response from the user.
Message text for the second follow up message, which is sent 48 hours after followupMessage1 has been sent.
Note: message is only sent if there has been no response from the user.
Note: follow up messages are only sent if there has been no response from the user. If the user has responded to your messages, then no further messages are sent by

Example Message Templates

Follow up 1
Follow up 2
Hi $firstName, I also work in the SaaS space and would love to connect. Best, Frank
Thanks for accepting my invite $firstName. Would love to learn a bit more about you and your role.
Hey $firstName, again, thanks for connecting. I'd love to learn more about your role, specifically around how you manage your data securely? We've just launched our latest feature to enhance security on your SaaS platform. Would be great to show you, let me know when suits!
use '$firstName' in message texts and our platform will automatically add the first name of the profile you are sending an invite to.